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Care for the Planet

Our Naya team is dedicated to offer a natural spring water of exceptional quality. Our efforts are recognized by numerous organizations :

Aliments du Québec certifies that foods are made in Quebec. We are proud to offer 100% natural spring water from Quebec, sourced in the Laurentians region. To learn more about Aliments du Québec and their certification, visit www.alimentsduquebec.com

ISO14001 2004: This international environment standard provides a framework to help organizations better manage its activities and reduce its environmental impact. Naya has a responsibility to ensure the sustainability of our resources and to reconcile the commitment of running an organization with respecting the environment. That’s why we have an Environmental Management System (EMS) at our facilities in Mirabel.
Certificate ISO14001 2004

FSSC22000: This internationally recognized and proven protocol, based on ISO certification, audits and certifies food security across the entire food chain. FSSC22000 is based on existing ISO22000 and ISO22003 norms and is fully recognized by the Global Food Safety Initiative (GFSI). That’s why we have a system that combines food security with business procedures in order to better address the growing needs of our clients.
Certificate FSSC22000

Othodox Union UP: Our facilities are UOJCA (Union of Orthodox Jewish Congregations of America) certified in order to ensure that a greater number of people can enjoy Naya natural spring water. This certification is identified by a symbol on the label attesting that Naya is kosher all year long, including during Passover.