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Collective recycling movement

Care for the Planet

Sustaining our efforts to encourage recycling is crucial. Recycling the maximum number of bottles is our responsibility and it contributes to reducing the carbon footprint of our product. Our involvement as an ambassador member of the La Table pour la récupération hors foyer is ever relevant because it encourages Quebecers to recycle both inside and outside the home (municipal areas, hotels, bars and restaurants).

Furthermore, since 2012, Naya officially supports Bacs+ (bénéfices de l’augmentation de la collecte selective), a network that encourages selective collection. Created by Éco Entreprises Québec, bacs+ seeks to demonstrate that selective collection is the highest performing recycling system and the most efficient channel for recyclable materials.

To maximize the recycling of plastic bottles, there is no better system than selective collection: simple, universal, effective, it enables us, year after year, to increase the recycling of all recyclable materials and consequently, to diminish how much ends up as waste. It’s the best tool Naya has for getting closer to our ultimate goal of recycling 100% of our containers