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Care for the Planet

Naya always strives to minimise our carbon footprint. Keep recycling, always and everywhere. We have a beautiful planet and we need to take care of it, as if it were a beloved friend.

Naya Mini DIY: Colored Flower

For Mother’s Day, here’s an easy DIY for little ones to spoil their mom. All you need is a Naya Mini bottle, food coloring and a white flower!

Initiatives Environnementales 2 Photo credit: pixabay /artistlike-70546

Environmental Initiatives

Reducing our carbon footprint is an integral part of Naya’s corporate commitment. In addition to being the first company in the world to produce a bottle made from 100%-recycled plastic, Naya has a wide variety of other programs that we are very proud of.

Certifications 1 Photo credit: pixabay/PetrFromMoravia-318249


Our Naya team is dedicated to offer a natural spring water of exceptional quality and our efforts are recognized by numerous organizations

Mouvement-collectif-recyclage-1_2 Photo credit: Pixabay/stokpic-692575

Collective recycling movement

Sustaining our efforts to encourage recycling is crucial. For Naya, increasing the rate of recycling for plastic bottles is doubly important because recycled plastic is where we get our materials to make our 100%-recycled plastic bottles.