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Let's Play Outside

A gentle way to get you moving! Also, an enjoyable way to demonstrate physical ability. Being active to lose weight is okay. But being active to play, calm your mind, savour the moment and reach your full potential is ever better. One reminder: have fun and believe in yourself. It works. We tested it!

Five Fall Hike Destinations in the Laurentians

At Naya, we love the Laurentians! In fact, our water is drawed and bottled at the foot of the Laurentians Mountains, in Mirabel. We are very proud of […]

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Hydrating while working out

Our blood is 70% water. When we sweat, the body loses water, which slows down the flow of blood towards your muscles. A well-hydrated muscle performs better, has a reduced risk of injury and recovers more quickly. On average, an adult loses 1-2 litres of water for every hour of effort. To compensate for this loss, here’s what to do to make sure you stay hydrated throughout your workout.

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4 key winter training tips

Four winter training tips to help you stay fit in our chilly Canadian weather!


Nautilus Plus – 3 Tips to Reach Your Health Goals

This year, stack the odds in your favour when it comes to reaching your fitness goals with these 3 simple tips!


Giveaway – Nautilus Plus Gym Membership

Don’t miss your chance to get back into shape this fall with our limited time 3-month Nautilus Plus gym membership giveaway!