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10 Reasons to Drink Water

Drink Healthy

It will never be said enough: drinking water is important. After all, human body is 60% water so how could it function correctly if it is not properly hydrated? Here are 10 reasons to build this good habit.

1) Fight fatigue

Fatigue is the first sign of dehydration. The less you drink water, the more it becomes difficult for your body to function. When your body is lacking water, your organs have to work two times harder, therefore making you tired. Even losing as little as 1 or 2% water in bodyweight can have effects on your energy level!

2) Get sick less often

Drinking a lot of water helps the body get better at fighting viruses, germs and illness of all kind. In other words, a good hydratation is sure to strengthen your immune system!

3) Control your weight

Drinking water is not a miracle diet. However, if you favor water instead of sugary drinks (juices, carbonated drinks, etc.), you’ll necessarily eliminate superfluous calories from your diet. Furthermore, thirst is often confused with hunger. Test it yourself next time your craving a snack: drink water and see if the hunger lasts a few minutes later.

4) Improve digestion

Water is essential to a healthy digestion. It helps dissolve fibers, a process that contributes strongly to normal intestinal transit.

5) Get healthy skin

When dehydrated, skin becomes dry and lose its elasticity. A poorly hydrated skin is also known to wrinkle more easily. By drinking enough water, you will help keep your skin hydrated and supple.

6) Prevent headaches

While there are many causes to headaches, dehydration is the most common. Hydrate yourself correctly and you should get headaches a lot less often.

7) Increase your productivity

Your brain is mostly composed of water. It comes at no surprises then that a good hydratation contributes to better thinking, alertness and focus.

8) Perform better in physical activities

Water does not only play a role in regulating the body’s temperature, an important function when exercising, but it also contributes to muscle recovery and growth. A good hydratation will help you with feel energized longer and who knows, it might even help your beat your own record!

9) Be happy

A healthy mind in a hydrated body: water is as much important to mental health as it is for physical health. Even a mild dehydratation can make you grumpy!

10) Keep bones and joints healthy

Water absorbed by the body play a role in joints lubrification. Moreover, cartilage protecting bones are composed of 85% water. In order to protect bones and joints, it is recommended to drink water.