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Are bottled waters all the same?

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All bottled waters are not alike and it goes beyond taste. In fact, all bottled waters are not necessarily spring waters. There exist multiple types of bottled water. Here are some of the most common kinds:

Spring water:

As the name indicates, spring water comes from a natural underground spring. To qualify as spring water, it must be deemed potable at the source and not require any purifying treatments. Moreover, this natural spring water must contain specific minerals and must maintain its physical-chemical and microbiological properties from the source through to the moment it’s consumed. Therefore, spring water is easy to drink and can be consumed by one and all.

Mineral water:

Mineral water has the same profile as spring water, but it has a naturally higher level of minerals which results in a more mineralized taste.

Treated water:

Treated water is water that’s been demineralized or remineralized. In the majority of cases, it is taken from municipal aqueducts before being chemically treated to make it potable.

How can you know what type of water you are drinking? Read labels very carefully: Canadian legislation requires companies to specify what kind of water their bottles contain. Note that Naya’s water is a natural spring water bottled directly at its source at the foot of the Laurentian mountains. It is also untreated and non-ozonized!