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Naya Water, Tested For Your Safety

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According to the Canadian Beverage Association, spring water comes from the sub-stratum and rises naturally to the surface of the Earth. It may contain dissolved mineral salts in indeterminate quantities. Naya natural spring water respects all federal, provincial and state standards for bottled water. In order to ensure your safety, our laboratory technicians as well as independent laboratories conduct exhaustive tests on the spring water and on the finished product to ensure that these standards are met.

Because bottled water is regulated as a food in North America, all spring water coming into our facilities must meet all rigorous standards set by the food industry, as well as all best manufacturing practices outlined by Health Canada and the U.S. Food & Drug Administration (FDA).

All this testing and these certifications guarantee the safety, stability, and quality our the water in order to offer you bottled water as natural as its source!

For more information regarding, our quality policy, click this link.