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Environmental Initiatives

Care for the Planet

Our philosophy is to offer natural spring water of exceptional quality while minimising our environmental footprint. Here are the kind of projects we are proud to present:

97% of waste in our facilities is recycled: Paper, cardboard, plastic, glass and more gets sorted at our facilities before being collected by independent recycling companies. Our goal of “100% recycled” is well underway! A positive environmental step forward for Naya.

Low water-use ratio: In the industry, an average 1.39 litres* of water is used to produce each litre of bottled water. Naya’s ratio is 10% lower. In respect of our natural resources, we pump no more than 20% of the maximum quantity allowed by our permit.

New Format: We created a new 600ml format! To ensure the quality and security of our food products, we tried another approach by diminishing the ratio of plastic used per millilitre of water. In stretching the 500ml bottle, we created a new format with 20% more water, without increasing the amount of plastic and still ensuring food quality and security. A new way to minimize our impact!

Reduced use of raw materials: Naya has committed to reducing the weight and volume of the raw materials we use.

  •   The quantity of plastic used in the production of bottles has been reduced by 30% in the last three years
  •   The thickness of cardboard used for packing cases has been reduced
  •   The plastic film used for packaging has been thinned

These steps have also maximised space during shipping! When packaging takes up less room, energy savings on the transport side go up, up, up.

Optimized transport: 100% of the fleet using by our main trucking partner now respects new Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) standards. Since fuel consumption and pollution are linked to speed, truck drivers do not drive faster than 99km/h. Furthermore, the transport of Naya products to Ontario is now done by train.

Greener offices: We choose an office space above a supermarket because it’s a smart environmental choice. The freon that keeps the fridges and freezers running downstairs is enough to keep the whole building warm! Furthermore, all of our office furniture is rebuilt or made from 100%-recycled materials.

Engaged employees: Our offices are located a short walk from a Metro station, but to encourage our employees to make more responsible decisions, we even pay for their public transit passes and BIXI subscriptions.


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