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AquaKids – The Drink for Kids

Drink Healthy

With school coming back, it’s important for our kids to stay hydrated! Indeed, drinking water helps stay concentrated in class and active outside of class. Many will tend to stray towards juices and soft drinks, but these sweet drinks have very little nutritional value and often contribute to weight gains and sugar addictions. These drinks are also filled with empty calories, representing up to 20% of calories consumed by our kids every day.

That’s why we’re proposing an alternative that’s actually good for your health: water! The healthiest choice to stay hydrated, water not only helps our brain concentrate, but also offers a long list of health benefits! It’s in the first years of our life that we develop good eating and drinking habits, so to help your kids start off on the right foot, Naya created AquaKids: the same delicious natural spring water you know and love, now in brand new colourful bottles, perfect for your kids!


The ideal format for the lunch box or playing outside, AquaKids is always within reach when your kids get thirsty. Make this school year a healthy one, choose AquaKids!