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Nautilus Plus – 7 Ways to Stay Motivated

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It’s the month of resolutions, and of course, many of us have ambitious fitness plans. We all know, however, that it can be easy to lose hope or motivation when we’re training. That’s why we partnered with Nautilus Plus to bring you 7 easy tips to help you stay motivated all the way through!

1. Know why you’re training

Figure out what the real reasons are that make you want to take care of yourself, above simply getting into shape or losing weight. Write down in detail what advantages you’ll gain from taking charge of your health as well as in which ways you’ll feel these benefits. Most importantly, keep this list nearby and whip it out in times of low motivation!

2. Find a training that you enjoy

If your training program is boring, complicated, or too long… your odds of abandoning are much higher! Make sure that your training program is tailored to your preferences, but also to the amount of time you have to dedicate to it. Nautilus Plus’ Karine Larose likes programs where there’s no resting time between different exercises, and enjoys working with all the muscles in the body in less than 35 minutes. Short and efficient!

3. Set many small goals

It’s important that you be able to track and measure your progress. To do that, set yourself realistic objectives that you can easily check up on. Choose many small goals instead of one big one. Wanting to lose 20 pounds can appear discouraging, but seeking to lose one pound a week seems a lot easier… and more encouraging!

4. Leave your comfort zone

The body has the ability to continually adapt to the efforts that we impose upon it… which is absolutely fantastic! However, it’s also the reason why we occasionally reach a plateau, at times during our weight-loss process. This is why we must constantly increase the intensity of our training and vary the types of exercises we do. Avoid falling into autopilot and change your training routine at least once every 4 to 6 weeks to stay motivated for the long haul.

5. Count on a friend

Planning to meet up with a friend at the gym is a powerful motivation tool! Your friends are also people with whom you can share your progress. Take the time to establish a clear calendar with a friend you train with. As odd as this may seem, we tend to find it much easier to let ourselves down than to let a friend down!

6. Join a group

These days, group classes are everywhere. Whether it be with a group organizer or a personal trainer, sign up for a 10 or 12-course session and make friends with the other participants. The “guilt factor” can help you stay motivated: if you don’t show up, the others will notice…

7. Change your perception

Physical exercise should not be a temporary tool used to reach your goal weight. The moment you start seeing your training as part of your daily routine, just like showering, preparing your meals, or going to work, your biggest goal will be reached: leading a happier, healthier lifestyle!

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For our month of resolutions, we joined forces with Nautilus Plus to help you reach your health goals. For more information, check out their blog!