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The Naya Water Cycle

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The water that falls on the Laurentian region, either as snow or rain, forms a truly remarkable water cycle. Indeed, some of this water flows towards streams and rivers, nourishes plants, or evaporates, while the rest of it slowly seeps into the soil until it reaches a layer of fractured rock that we call an aquifer. On the surface, a thick layer of clay protects this aquifer from environmental threats. The slow migration of water towards the aquifer through thick layers of rock helps to naturally filter and purify the water, giving it a unique mineral composition. The resulting natural spring water is then directly sourced from the aquifer and bottled on-location by Naya.

Any overflow of the aquifer flows towards running water. When water reaches the surface, it evaporates under the heat of the sun and creates new clouds that, through condensation, generate more snow or rain. This looping process is what we call the water cycle and is repeated year after year. Naya’s spring water is therefore a natural resource that is well protected by nature and sourced in harmony with the natural water cycle.