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8 Quick Tips for a Healthy Diet

Eat Healthy

Snacking may be fun, but it’s not the best for a healthy diet! To avoid snacking between meals, here are a few simple tips:

1. Drink All Day Long: As you know by now, experts recommend drinking 1.5L of water a day to stay healthy. On top of helping your body stay hydrated throughout the day, the act of drinking helps limit cravings. If you’re looking to spruce up the taste experience, Naya’s fruit-flavoured Zest water is a tasty, yet healthy alternative to the plain water you’re used to!

2. Drink Before Meals: Drinking a nice big glass of water before breakfast and lunch helps your body feel full a tad earlier, preventing you from eating more than you truly need.

3. Eat a Real Breakfast: When it comes to mornings, we’re often in a rush and end up skipping breakfast. It’s the first meal of the day, and after nearly 8 hours of fasting, it’s important to bring your body the fuel it needs to power through the rest of the day!

4. Have a Contingency Plan: It can be smart to bring a few healthy snacks along for the day in case you get hungry. Fruits and nuts (watch for allergies) are both healthy options for snacking on throughout the day.

5. Have a Gum: When chewing sweet gum, your brain puts itself into dessert mode and thus assumes it’s full. If you have some, sugar-free gum offers this perk while also being a healthy choice!

6. Don’t Shop Hungry: When you’re full, you’re less likely to be tempted by sweets and other unhealthy foods. Shop with a grocery list and full stomach to reduce temptation and maintain a healthy diet!

7. Chew, Chew: It typically takes your brain 20 minutes to receive the “full” signal from your stomach. A great way to avoid overeating is therefore to chew! The more you chew your food, the less likely you are to eat more than you truly need.

8. Brush your teeth: Brushing your teeth with mentholed toothpaste helps curb your appetite. Plus, you won’t want to undo all your work after cleaning your teeth!