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9 Deliciously Healthy Christmas Snacks

Eat Healthy

The holidays are the time of year to share love, happiness… and food! With all the cookies, cakes, pies, and sweets that surround us, we always end up gaining a few pounds by the end of it all. This year, we’re bucking the trend: with these 9 healthy Christmas Snacks, you can finally spoil yourself, guilt-free!

Christmas Trees

Whether it be grapes or carrots, kiwis or broccoli, all ingredients can work! All you need is veggie for the tree and a fruit for the decorations, and make sure you prepare it all in a nice big plate because this healthy Christmas Snack will be gone in no time!


Fruity Snowmen

With a banana, raisins, carrots and a little creativity, you too can make cute little snowmen to be eaten among friends!


Candy Cane

Grab a few cherry tomatoes and a ripe banana, and you’ll have everything you need to put your own fruity twist on a Christmas classic. For those of you with a bit of a sweet tooth, feel free to replace the tomatoes with strawberry slices… Trust us, the result is absolutely de-li-cious!


Christmas Wreath

To make this snack at home, all you need is a few different veggies to cut into small slices and arrange on a plate. Add a cute little bow and you’ve got yourself a healthy and delicious Christmas wreath, just waiting to be eaten!


With all these Christmas snacks, you’ll have what it takes to make this holiday season a fun, memorable, and deliciously healthy one!