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Getting our daily fill of vitamins

Eat Healthy

Getting your daily recommended portion of fruits and vegetables can sometimes seem like mission impossible… even with the help of Tom Cruise!

Here are some tips for getting your daily fill of good vitamins and minerals:

  •   Eat it up: When the mid-morning or mid–afternoon munchies hit, don’t give into chocolatey temptation. Instead, eat an apple or banana that you can bring from home.
  •   Cut it up: For lunch, pack cut-up vegetables that can be eaten with hummus or a yogurt dip seasoned with fresh herbs. Think: carrots, cucumbers, cherry tomatoes, cauliflower, celery, mushrooms, etc.
  •   Dress it up: Add a little zing to your morning cereal with a handful of red berries or a cut-up banana
  •   Mix it up: Fruit juices are high in sugar and low in vitamin content, so opt instead for a delicious smoothie with a base of Naya water or Naya Zest, natural fruit flavoured. Make it at home and carry it to work in a thermos!
  •   Warm it up: Soup recipes are endless, making for a delicious snack, hot or cold, in any season. And so packed with vitamins!

No more excuses! Eating five portions of fruits and vegetables a day? No problem!