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Natural spring water


AquaKids – The Drink for Kids

Make this school year a healthy one by choosing AquaKids, the perfect format for your kids’ lunch box or playing outside!

NAYA (1)  

Healthy Smoothie (feat. Healthsomeness)

Thirsty for a healthy smoothie? We worked with Healthsomeness to bring you a delicious recipe based on our very own Naya natural spring water!


The Naya Water Cycle

Snow, rain, and rivers all play an integral role in the Naya water cycle. A natural, renewable, and most of all delicious resource!


Naya – Bottled at the Spring

Naya is one of the only bottles to be bottled directly at the spring! Here’s what distinguishes it from the other waters you’ll encounter in-store.

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Naya – 30 years of success

Naya turns 30 this summer! To celebrate, follow Naya’s evolution, from 1986 to today.