Naya's Three Commitments

Discover our commitments!

Commitment #1: Offer a high-quality natural spring water

Naya’s natural spring water is a true gift from nature. Drawn and bottled directly at the source, our spring water is naturally sodium-free and never treated with ozone to preserve its unique mineral balance. We owe this amazing mineral composition to the thick layers of rock the water passes through before it is drawn. These layers of rock act as natural filter and give our water its distinctive taste.

Naya’s natural spring water is a natural and renewable resource that is naturally protected and captured in harmony with nature. We work non-stop to provide to give you a superior quality product and respect the source!


Commitment #2 : Proudly from Quebec

For more than 30 years, Naya has been proud to hydrate Quebec with its natural spring water.

Naya’s natural spring water is a local water drawn in Mirabel, at the foot of the Laurentians. Whether it be on our packaging or in the actions we take, we always proclaim our love for Quebec loud and clear and we are always proud to show our origin.

Thanks to the people of Quebec for choosing local product and for encourage local business like Naya! More than a trend, buying local has truly become a way of life and a winning choice for all.


Commitment #3 : Give back to the community

Since our beginnings, we always believed in the importance of giving back to the community and support the people of the province where we are from.

The tradition continues today with our partnership with Operation Enfant Soleil. Since 2017, Naya is a proud partner of Operation Enfant Soleil and gives $0,25 to Quebec’s most loved cause for each case of Naya Mini sold. Since the start of this partnership, we gave $80,000 to Operation Enfant Soleil. These funds will help develop quality pediatrics for sick children across Quebec.

We are also pleased to sponsor numerous small and larges organizations and events throughout the province. Each year, we contribute to hundreds of events in Quebec by offering free bottled water. For more information regarding sponsorships or to submit a request, click here.