Summing Up Opération Enfant Soleil’s 2018 Telethon

For the second year in a row, part of Naya's team had the chance to attend the Opération Enfant Soleil's Télethon and present a check. Here is a summary of this inspiring experience!

On June 17th 2018, Naya gave out the second check of its history to Opération Enfant Soleil at the 31st Telethon. It is with great pride that Naya donated $50,000, an amount raised with Naya Mini and thanks to those who chose the product in store.

Like all the funds raised during the Telethon day, these funds will help ensure quality pediatric care for sick children across Quebec.

During this very emotional day, some members of our team on-site had the privilege of meeting real heroes. If Opération Enfant Soleil’s Telethon is an event full of joy, it is not always the case in the daily life of sick children. Despite the disruption the disease can cause in their lives, the children our team met have extraordinary strength, determination and resilience. They are examples of courage from which we have a lot to learn. Getting to know more about their reality and the challenges they faced or are still facing really puts things in perspective.

Opération Enfant Soleil’s Telethon is made possible by an amazing team of dedicated volunteers. Naya was happy to hydrate to the whole team behind the 31st Telethon with its Fontaine Naya located behind the scenes. It is very impressive to see all the work behind the organization and the holding of such an event. It is also moving to see that many of the volunteers have benefited themselves from Opération Enfant Soleil's help in the past and simply want to give back to the organization.

Attending Opération Enfant Soleil’s Telethon is an inspiring experience, both because of the courage of the children on-site and because of the dedication of the people behind the event. It also shows the positive impact that the money raised can have in the children’s lives. It motivates us to put even more effort into helping them and therefore handing out an even bigger check next year.