Discover Naya, a natural spring water from Québec

Naya spring water truly is a gift from Mother Nature.

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The Source

A gift from nature

Naya natural spring water is drawn at Mirabel, at the foot of the Laurentian mountains. No sooner drawn than bottled, Naya spring water is bottled directly at the source and never treated with ozone, to preserve its balanced and naturally sodium-free composition.

The Cycle of water

The cycle of water, the eternal cycle

The water that falls on the Laurentian region, either as snow or rain, forms a truly remarkable cycle. Some of this water flows towards streams and rivers, nourishes plants, or evaporates, while the rest of it slowly seeps into the soil until it reaches a layer of fractured rock that we call an aquifer. On the surface, a thick layer of clay protects this aquifer from environmental threats. Water from this aquifer runs into our waterways when it springs to the surface, evaporating under the sun’s rays, creating clouds through condensation that will once again cause precipitation in the form of snow and rain. This endless process is what we call the water cycle. Naya spring water is thus a natural, renewable resource, protected by nature and sourced in harmony with the natural water cycle.

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Pure natural spring water

Naya natural spring water’s incredible journey

Water migrates slowly towards the aquifer through multiple layers of bedrock which act as a natural filter and purify water, giving it a unique mineral composition. The resulting natural spring water is then drawn directly from the aquifer and bottled on-location by Naya.

Quality above all

A quality product above all

We work non-stop to give you a superior quality product, day after day. Naya natural spring water meets all regulations (federal, provincial or state) for bottled water. In order to ensure your safety, our laboratory technicians as well as independent laboratories conduct exhaustive tests on the spring water and on the finished product to ensure that these standards are met. Because bottled water is regulated as a food in North America, all spring water coming into our facilities must meet all rigorous standards set by the food industry, as well as all best manufacturing practices outlined by Health Canada and the U.S. Food & Drug Administration. For more information about our food safety policy

International quality standards

A guarantee of quality

The entire Naya team is committed to offering you an exceptional quality product. Our factory is ISO 14,001 certified, an international environmental certification standard, and FSSC22000, a food safety certification standard. We are very proud that our company is recognized by many organizations such as Aliments du Québec and Orthodox Union UP. These certifications guarantee the safety, stability, and quality of our water, offering you bottled water as natural as from the spring. To find out more

From Mirabel to you

Always available near you

We have two passions at Naya: water and Quebec. We love the term “Quebecitude”, which refers to all the community and cultural characteristics of Quebecers, but also to the origin of our products. Our plant is located in Mirabel, in the heart of the Laurentians (we repeat ourselves because we are proud of it), which allows us to hydrate Quebec while minimizing our carbon footprint. Our products are available in many independent stores and convenience stores as well as in all major grocery chains, pharmacies and hardware stores throughout Quebec. For a complete list of our points of sale, click here

To our clients and thousand of convenience stores : “Thank you for your support and help since 1986”.

All you need is love... and fresh water

A little hydration advice for a healthy lifestyle

You can take care of the “love” part, but Naya definitely has you covered for water! Our bodies are made up of 65% water, so drinking regularly throughout the day is essential to the proper function of your body. It helps to compensate for lost fluids and hydrates all your cells. You are recommended to drink 8 glasses (8 oz. or 225 ml) of water every day – or easier still, three 600 ml bottles of Naya water. That said, this is simply a recommendation and needs will vary according to your age, height, weight, level of physical activity and climate. Most importantly, don’t wait until you are thirsty to drink, as thirst indicates slight dehydration. Listen to your body and adapt your hydration needs according to what you need today. It’s that easy!

Naya Mini & Opération Enfant Soleil: Join us in the cause!

Naya has been a proud partner of Operation Enfant Soleil since 2017. This homegrown charitable organization collects donations to support high-quality pediatrics and social outreach programs for all of Quebec’s children. For every pack of Naya Mini 15 x 330 ml sold we commit ourselves to give 25¢ to the cause because small miracles need help. Since the beginning of our partnership we have donated a total of $267,500 to Opération Enfant Soleil. Join us and make a donation!