Naya and Québec, a wonderful love story

Since 1986, Naya and Quebecers have been living a beautiful love story. No doubt about it, Naya truly springs from the heart of Quebec.


Inauguration of Naya’s plant in Mirabel. Naya’s natural bottled spring water is launched. The name comes from the word “Naiads”, who in Greek mythology were the goddesses of thermal waters and the immortal guardians of rivers, fountains and springs.


A historic year for Quebec and for Naya. Quebecers said No to independence in a referendum, and Yes to Naya which became the #1 bottled natural spring water brand in Quebec! It was the perfect occasion for the company to adopt a sportier identity with its new slogan, “Hungry for Life, Thirsty for Naya”.


If you thought we couldn’t get sportier, think again! Our packaging was updated but our commitment to a hunger for life and a thirst for Naya remained.


To keep hydrating Quebecers. Naya proposed a new product on top of its natural spring water: a delicious spring water with natural fruit flavours, without sugar or calories, that would soon become Naya Zest


Sponge Bob made his appearance on the Aquakids 330 ml packaging to delight all ages. Then, in 2012, the characters from Ice Age, our friends Scrat, Sid, Manny and Diego, join in for fun and hydration.


Quebec City turned 400, and there was also reason to celebrate over at Naya. As a celebration, Naya offered itself a brand-new logo and packaging.


In 2012, things were moving at Naya. We innovated by creating a new 600 ml bottle, unique to Naya, that contains 20% more water with 0% extra plastic (compared to our 500 ml bottle). This new format quickly became our most popular. At Naya, we are never short of good ideas!


More than 7 out of 10 consumers told us it was important to identify products from Quebec, so we listened to them and displayed our local colours on our products from then on. We are very proud to be a Quebec-based company from the start.


Live Healthy became the new Naya water signature. We promote healthy living through hydration. Healthy living is the creed of the century and a mission at Naya. Live Healthy, a message of authenticity, encompassed four key values: hydration, healthy eating, regular physical activity and protecting the environment. For the occasion, these key values were presented as four principles: Drink Healthy, Eat Healthy, Let’s Play Outside and Care for the Planet. The new brand strategy adopted by Naya focuses on the consumer and spotlights values as universal as they are personal.


For its 30th birthday, Naya rolled out new packaging with 3 colourful and offbeat labels to remind us of the decade when it all started, the 1980s! We so missed those day-glow colours!


Naya is proud to support Opération Enfant Soleil by launching Naya Mini. For each case of 15 x 330 mL sold, Naya will donate $0,25 to Opération Enfant Soleil. Nothing is easier than paying it forward with Naya Mini because “little miracles don’t happen on their own”


Naya decided to proudly display its Quebec roots with its new slogan “Québécoise de source”, as well as with refreshed and simplified packaging that displays its new positioning with the fleur-de-lis.


2021 is a great year for Naya! Firstly, we are celebrating our 35th anniversary with a new special package of 35 bottles of 500 mL that includes 5 free bottles. We are also celebrating our 5th year of partnership with Opération Enfant Soleil, and to mark this event we are donating 35¢ for every 6x1.5 L package sold during the spring of 2021.


And as if that wasn’t great enough, Naya is now the OFFICIAL water of the Montreal Alouettes! The 750 mL sports size is getting a makeover with a new label in the colours of Naya and the Alouettes. A new 6x750 mL pack featuring both brands is also hitting the market!


The year is starting off strong at Naya with the introduction of the 8L natural spring water format, and the 4L demineralized water bottle. Both products can be found at many retailers, including most Quebec pharmacies and grocery stores.