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This is a place for discovery and innovation! Like Félix Leclerc used to say, “There is more courage than talent in most successes.”

600 ml

Reducing our carbon footprint is an integral part of Naya’s corporate commitment since the company was founded. This desire for change and progress has made a difference as it drove us to create the new 600 ml format containing 20% more water with 0% extra plastic (compared to our 500 ml bottle). Since the launch of the 600 ml bottle, many of you have told us how you appreciate it and how the extra 100 ml it contains makes it the perfect bottle to have with you all day long.

4L Naya

Wow! By popular demand, Naya launched its new 4 liters format! Available in pharmacies chains across Quebec, and in some grocery stores, it is the handy new jug you can take anywhere; on outdoor escapades, camping, canoeing, on your home renovation site or even to by the coffee machine. We can’t wait for you to try it out!


Plenty of spring water… without the bottles! Offering spring water without the packaging is possible with the Fontaine Naya. his Naya natural spring water tank holds up to 600 liters of water, is electrically independant, keeps water cool using dry ice and offers hydratation with 2 taps. We will deliver and install the distributor wherever you like so that you can enjoy maximum hydration. It is available as a rental. Contact us for more information : info@naya.com

8L Naya

The 8L format also joins the Naya family! It is the biggest Naya water container to date and stands out with its tap dispenser for ease of use. It is available in most Quebec pharmacies and grocery stores.

4l Demineralized

Water without minerals for the needs of machines in which minerals are undesirable, such as your coffee machines, sleep apnea devices, and many more. This product is also available in most of Quebec’s pharmacies and grocery stores.

12x500mL made of 100% recycled plastic.

Our 12x500mL format is now made from 100% recycled plastic. Already recycled and still recyclable, it also stands out for its new modern image and exceptional quality.